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Arts and Science Award KUWI 2013

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For many centuries, Dresden has been a city of art and science. This is reflected in the baroque city center, in the precious works of art, in several museums, in the people's love for opera, ballet and theatre. This is wonderfully enriched by the numerous historical scientific objects in the Mathematisch-Physikalischer Salon (MPS), by the exhibits at the Technische Sammlungen Dresden (Technical Collections Dresden), and by the creative knowledge of the various research institutes which cutting-edge innovations are leading into the future.

In this city full of charm and attraction a few years ago the Dresdner Zentrum für Kunst und Wissenschaft DZWK e.V. (DZWK) has been established. The DZWK is entitled to be a forum, where science and art meet, talk to across boundaries, exchange ideas and find an inspirational environment. The DZWK aims especially at young Dresden artists and scientists with the intention to provide them with opportunities to articulate themselves, and to build up their future in this city. To work out the future for oneself certainly is not an easy task.

Max Planck wrote in his autobiography: "The pioneer scientist must have a vivid intuitive imagination, for new ideas are not generated by deduction, but by artistical creative imagination".

To develop the connection between science and art, the DZWK has been involved for several years in a series of activities such as the Kugelhaus at Wiener Platz (which goes back to an initiative of our association), exhibitions on various topics, lecture series, and the production of interactive science-related exhibits.

Now the DZWK praises a Science Art Prize - KUWI Preis Dresden - which is supposed to revive the old and well-known connections between science and art. To support this project, we need the help of all people who believe in the potential of science and / or art and have dedicated their work to them. The Russian writer and playwriter Maxim Gorky once wrote: "The good qualities in our soul are most successfully and forcefully awakened by the power of art. Just as science is the intellect of the world, art is its soul". The world is rich when mind and soul are one.

We kindly invite you to participate in this exciting approach to shape our perception of science, to learn how art can promote our understanding of scientific progress and technological innovations.

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